Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don’t Doubt the Drought

Governor Brown has requested we reduce our water usage by 20%.  It is mandatory that cities must reduce their water usage.  It really is not that hard to cut our water usage, it just takes awareness and a little action.  Here are six simple ways to reduce the usage of water in our kitchens:

1.  Place faucet aerators on your sink faucets.  These are very inexpensive and easy to install.  Aerators can be found in most hardware stores.
2.  When washing or rinsing dishes, use a large pan with water.  Do not keep the water running when rinsing the dishes.  The left over water can be used to water plants.
3.  Garbage disposals use a lot of water to operate properly.  Use them sparingly.  Start a worm farm or compost pile.
4.  Wash vegetables and fruits in a large pan.  Reuse the left over water.
5.  Check under the kitchen sink for leaks.  Have the leaks repaired ASAP!
6.  Check the shut off valves and risers under the kitchen sink.  Corroded and/or frayed risers can result in floods wasting hundreds of gallons of water, not to mention kitchen damage.

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